The workshop

The Workshop of the artist Pastellist, Luc Villard, is situated in picturesque Eze Village, medieval place hammer in on his rocky spur, between Nice and Monaco, on the average ledge of the Alpes-Maritimes, which will fascinate his visitor.
Considered as one of the most beautiful point of view of the Côte d'Azur, Eze Village does not leave unmoved, between charm and curiosity, the walker will take advantage of his exotic garden and his cultural and architectural heritage of exception.


It is in this unique setting that Luc Villard decides in 2009 to settle down. The magic of the place is its inspiration and its creativity is overflowing. Mixing pastels fat and soft pastels, its imagination without limit goes cheerfully between " Abstract Frenzy " and "Bestiary" and gives him a style so recognizable. Luc's Tiny creature marks your spirit. 
Worker persisted, Luc has respite to enlarge his "Noah's Ark", and gives him his own style which we can qualify as "Villardien".


Indeed, all these "Bestioles Villardiennes", lived in a workshop on two levels, allying a workspace and a lounge gallery, in the floor, or the artist likes receiving his visitors around a coffee or other meal. Natural Epicurean, Luc likes these moments of sharing, where, without limit, he speaks about his work and about his passions that are pastels fat and soft pastels.
Real self-taught, his pastels led him in parts of the country which the human imagination does not know.

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