The artist

"In pursuit of balance"
The french painter, Luc Villard has participate numerous exhibitions in France and is now opening internationally.

For him, creation has always been an open door to a bigger, more colorful world, where possibilities have no limit if not the imagination that we give them.

Abstract works and yet ... The interpretation of the work is left to the subjectivity of each one who will see in it an inner world of his own. By expressing himself with a great brushstroke, freed from conventions, the artist seeks to privilege the affect and shows great rigor in his art. That's why he starts over and over again, until the spark of creation reaches the canvas.

His art is inspired by many movements. We will recognize a strong affiliation with abstract expressionism, an expressive art freed from figuration. Lyrical abstraction, a European trend, is also very present in his paintings. It is a subjective art whose main research is to provoke emotion in its viewer. More recently, the artist’s discovery of the Street Art movement prompted him to pay tribute to this movement born on the walls.

For more than 30 years, the artist has been perfecting his art, multiplying colors and movements in search of the perfect balance.

Luc Villard is now based in Brittany but exhibits on the French Riviera as well as in China, Canada, and Portugal.

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